Virginia CHCs deliver high quality clinical care for populations with significant health challenges.  As the health system transitions toward value-driven models of population health management, our CHCs have the opportunity to both learn and share best practices in clinical care.  This page will provide best practice resources on clinical topics of interest to our member organizations.  The following is an initial list of best practice topics that will be refined according to your interests.

  1. Developing a Quality Strategy for your Organization
  2. Optimizing Clinical Quality Measures Required by HRSA
  3. Pursuing HRSA Health Center Quality Improvement Awards
  4. Building Core Capabilities for Population Health Management
  5. Optimizing Care Models
    1. The Patient Centered Medical Home
    2. Chronic Care
    3. Care Transitions
    4. Integrated Behavioral Health
    5. Integrated Oral Health
    6. Other Care Models
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