Please complete the Virginia CHC Leadership Institute Best Practice Survey to tell us about your interests and priorities for supports provided by the Institute.

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Here is what your colleagues have requested so far…

The survey asks Virginia CHC leaders to indicate your interests in best practice supports for your organization.  Here is what your colleagues have requested so far.  (Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 indicates high interest in receiving best practice supports.)

Support Option Survey Respondents Average Rating Requested Topics
a. Support for Implementing the Virginia CHC Value Model 19 4.37
  • Demonstrating clinical outcomes superior to regional/state/national guidelines
  • Data Dissemination in an Understandable Format
  • Help with constructing the report
  • I think we will need support in reviewing the development of the value model.
  • Creating value across EHR platforms
b. Best practice support for clinical management (quality strategy, analytics, care models, population health management, and other topics) 19 4.68
  • Staffing ratios, of front desk, medical assistants, dental assistants, administration ratio to providers; number of FTE vs. part time employees
  • Primary care
  • DM population, Preventative Screening Breast CA, Colon CA
  • Chronic care model/value based model reimbursement
  • Population health is huge for me and I need support in developing the foundation to get started and maintain motivation for community involvement.
  • Would like to see/find models where patients use kiosks/tablets/portals to help complete the visit. We waste a lot of time collecting data. Data that could be better collected prior to visit.
c. Best practice support for organizational management (financial management, personnel, governance, Operational Site Visits, and other topics) 19 3.95
  • NCQA, Joint Commission, HRSA initiative best practice
  • Partnerships – contractual agreements
  • Best practice support for policy development to meet operational needs, i.e., for site visits.
  • Tailoring practices to size (limited resource practices)
d. Best practice support for community collaboration (community relations, creating partnerships, developing initiatives, and other topics) 19 3.89
  • Would be nice to have exchange of ideas, results, problems among free, rural, and FQHC in Virginia
  • Other CHC collaborative relationships, how they reached out engaged and work together (rules)
  • Help in maintaining meaningful partnerships
e. Community health indicators for your service region 19 4.26
  • Virginia Community Health Atlas already provides this
  • Migrant Health
  • Need drilled down data support and interpretation and visualization of that data
f. Economic impact analysis for your organization 19 4.26
  • Impact on clinic? community? region? individual patients?
  • Employer opportunities, cooperative onsite healthcare
  • We need this like now for my annual meeting next month????
g. Additional areas of interest for best practice support 8 4.38
  • Help with haing medical support staff work at the top of their license
  • Payment reform information
  • Legislative update; impact of ACA on clinics
  • Patient flow – maximizing
  • Developing region HIE
  • Integration
  • Like to know how trainings are accomplished within all things we have to get done.
  • Data validation support! Our EHR vendors are not giving us the tools needed to validate our own data. It would be nice to have best practice data validation. Practice forms/support groups, validated reports/ I am finding weaknesses with data knowledge, but more concerning is that the data we use may not always be correct (point-click errors, data not linked properly to dashboard reports, and not measuring “intended” measures as examples.)
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