Welcome to the Meeting the Value Challenge Workshop page.  Here you will find information about the workshop as well as guidance for optimizing your workshop experience.  If you have any questions, please contact Lara D’Antonio of the Virginia Community Healthcare Association at ldantonio@vacommunityhealth.org.

The CHC Value Model Workshop is designed to help PCAs learn how to develop a CHC Value model for their respective Associations and members. Workshop participants will learn:

  • 1. How to design and produce a CHC Value Model that can be used to communicate the value of CHCs to state and local stakeholders.
  • 2. How to help PCA members apply the CHC Value Model for their local organizations.
  • 3. How to implement a collaborative support platform that can help members save thousands of dollars in development costs.

The workshop will be designed to cover the following specific topics in an interactive discussion format.

  • Defining the new value challenge. Learn about the strategic implications of the new value requirements of key stakeholders, especially in the context of recent national and state health reform efforts.
  • Identify key audiences. Identify the audiences to be included in your CHC Value Model, for example patients, staff, board members, service partners, health plans, grant funders, public agencies, and policymakers.
  • Define action goals. Articulate the specific actions you would like key stakeholders to take on behalf of CHCs.
  • Design value messages. Design the specific messages you will communicate to stakeholders in support of your action goals.
  • Develop value indicators. Identify the indicators that can be used to support your value messages, for example indicators of community health needs, clinical quality, organizational productivity, community investment, and economic impact.
  • Produce value reports. Identify the communication channels you can use to deliver value reports to key stakeholders, including face-to-face, print, and electronic media.
  • Streamline data development. Learn how to use low-cost strategies to leverage existing data related to community need, quality, productivity, and economic impact, rather than pay thousands of dollars in contractor fees.
  • Use qualitative storytelling. Learn how to use qualitative storytelling in combination with secondary research to make the value case when local quantitative data are not available.
  • Consider software options. Learn about alternative software options for presenting CHC value information, including accurate information for evaluating costs and benefits.
  • Create a support platform. Learn how to create a collaborative support platform to help your members adopt and implement the CHC Value Model for local use.
  • Technical assistance. Learn about options for obtaining technical assistance after the workshop.

September 6 will be here before we know it.  Here are some questions that might help your team prepare for the Meeting the Value Challenge workshop.

  1. Who are the key stakeholders for CHCs in our state?  Your answers might include patients, staff, board members, community members, community service partners, health plans, public agencies, elected officials, employers, grant makers, and others.
  2. Do our key stakeholders fully appreciate the value of CHCs?  If your answer is ‘we’re not sure,’ you are not alone!  Now might be a good time to start a dialog about the value of CHCs – from your perspective and the perspective of key stakeholders.
  3. How well do our CHCs define and demonstrate their value to key stakeholders?  If you feel your CHCs could do  better job of defining and demonstrating value at the state and local level, you are not alone.  The purpose of the workshop is to help you accelerate this important work.
  4. Are we fully leveraging available data and information to tell our CHC value stories? We all live with data gaps, but sometimes we overlook opportunities to leverage what we already have, such as UDS data and qualitative data we could quickly collect and frame as part of our value stories.
  5. How might we engage our CHCs in defining and demonstrating their value? Is there a group of CHCs that might be ready to help develop and pilot test a CHC Value Model for your state?  You might consider identifying these candidates now so you can hit the ground running after the workshop.

Please know that we do not expect everyone to be able to fully answer these questions before the workshop.  Based on experience, it is helpful to begin thinking about these strategic issues beforehand so you can get the most out of your workshop experience.

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Wed, Sep 6, 2017, 8:00 AM –

Thu, Sep 7, 2017, 3:00 PM EDT

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The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center, Curio Collection by Hilton

110 Shenandoah Ave NW

Roanoke, VA 24016

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