As a reminder all videos require a password. This password will be posted above the link to the video.

PCMH Notice of Intent: Goes over how to submit your NOI to HRSA in order to get the price of your survey tool covered.

Password: *INTENT1234*

PCMH 2014 Renewal Process: Goes over the process for renewal for NCQA’s 2014 Standards

Password: *PCMH1234*

Multisite Application: Reviews how to do a multi site application for PCMH.

Password: *PCMH1234*

Population Health: Goes over Standard 3 and talks about social determinants of health.

Password: *PCMH1234*

Care Coordination: Goes over Standard 5 and talks about the different facets of care coordination.

Password: *STAN5*

PCMH Standard 6 Webinar: Review of standard 6.

Password: *PCMH1234*

Document Sharing Webinar for Standard 1A: Review of Must Pass 1A, looks at documentation for 1A.

Password: *SHARING1234*

Documentation Share 2D webinar: Goes over 2D with examples from what other centers are doing.

Password: *pcmh2d*


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