Community value analysis is a special approach to program evaluation focused on defining and communicating the value an organization or program delivers in return for the resources it receives. Community value analysis goes beyond traditional program evaluation to provide a broader perspective on the community benefits an organization delivers relative to the investment it receives.  Community value analysis is especially important for organizations that have a mission to serve a particular community.  Typical elements of a community value analysis may include indicators of:

  • Community health needs addressed
  • Types of people served (demographics, income, health conditions)
  • Number of people served
  • Scope of services provided
  • Quality of services provided
  • Impact on individual health and productivity
  • Impact on community health and productivity
  • Community partnerships developed
  • Community innovations created
  • Community resources leveraged
  • Community costs avoided
  • Economic impact of employment and spending.

Developing a community value analysis requires strategic thinking to define the scope of the analysis, as well as research and analytics to produce key indicators.  We help organizations:

  • Define their objectives for community value analysis;
  • Design models for measuring and reporting community value;
  • Build capacity (data, skills) for producing community value analysis;
  • Execute community value analysis and reporting.

Please contact us for more details on Community Value Analysis.

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