This document contains a suggested path to earning NCQA PCMH Recognition,  including which criteria might be best to demonstrate at earlier and later virtual
review sessions.

The tables below suggest which criteria a practice might demonstrate for each virtual review. Practices are not required to follow the suggestions. NCQA assumes that the practice has not attested to criteria through Accelerated Renewal or received transfer credit from prevalidated vendors. A practice that is attesting to criteria or using a prevalidated vendor may be able to move additional criteria to earlier check-ins.

For questions about selecting your criteria for a virtual review, reach out to the PCMH Support Team.

Notes on Use of this Tool

The resource described in this post (shown at right) – selecting criteria for each virtual review session – is just one option which is based on NCQA’s experience across all practice types. We also created our own Jump Start Pathway to PCMH Recognition, based on our experience with health centers and safety net organizations. We offer these both as a resource for you to use based on what suits your organization best.

You may also wish to consult the resource “Timeline and Tasks for PCMH Development.”  Many folks struggle with creating a work plan for PCMH transformation. To help CHC’s plan and manage the work of PCMH transformation, we created an all-in-one reference guide for the timeline and the tasks involved in pursuing NCQA PCMH Recognition. This resource is about building capacity and getting the work done, not choosing which criteria to pursue.

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