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The nation’s health centers provide access to primary care services and a primary care medical home to more than 28 million patients. NCQA supports health centers that want to become Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH). Go to NCQA's HRSA Resources Page to learn more about how HRSA and NCQA support health centers in PCMH development. [...]

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Recorded Training and Slides on PCMH v5 Guidelines

Materials are based on NCQA PCMH v5 Standards and Guidelines, published in July 2019. Recorded Training on the 40 Core Criteria Password to View Videos: pcmh19 Team-Based Care and Practice Organization (TC): Knowing and Managing Your Patients (KM): Patient Centered Access and Continuity (AC): Care Management [...]

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Suggested Path to Recognition

The documents below offer a suggested path to earning NCQA PCMH Recognition,  including which criteria might be best to demonstrate at earlier and later virtual review sessions. The tables offer a suggested pathway of which criteria a practice might demonstrate for each virtual review. Practices are not required to follow the suggestions. NCQA assumes [...]

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NCQA PCMH Guidelines

The NCQA PCMH Standards and Guidelines requirements focus on assessing a practice’s transformation into a medical home and specify goals for improvement. To achieve PCMH recognition, practices must meet all 40 core criteria and earn 25 credits from elective criteria across 5 of the 6 concepts. [...]

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CHS PCMH Knowledge Base

The CHS PCMH Knowledge Base is a database of hundreds of documentation examples, frequently asked questions, tools and resources relevant to health centers’ PCMH development. Many of these documentation examples and tools were developed for prior version of the NCQA PCMH program, but the content is still pertinent. We crosswalked [...]

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How to Submit Notice of Intent (NOI) to HRSA

  HRSA will pay for the cost of Renewal or new PCMH Application Submission. In order to have HRSA pick up the cost of your PCMH application, your CHC must first notify HRSA of  your intent to participate in NCQA PCMH Recognition by submitting an NOI in the HRSA Electronic Handbook (EHB) System. Follow these [...]

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